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Why choose this course over others?

20 years proven quality and value - Honoured by '5 Star - Excellent' ratings and 100% recommendation rate since launch in 2001 live and 2009 online. Based on real feedback from new and experienced instructors alike

Trusted by employers and insurers worldwide - Taken by aspiring instructors in over 43 countries to date as well as being the first choice for many top gyms and military bases

Convenience and flexibility - Start today 100% online, work at your own pace

Unique! Expert Teacher and Support - We all know the difference a great teacher makes! As well as the comprehensive content, you get personal support from international presenter and course creator Debbie Kneale, with you every step of the way!

Covers everything you need to know and more - On completion, you will be able to confidently create and teach safe, effective and inspirational indoor cycling classes for beginners to advanced and both together! 

Top freestyle certification - Use on any fixed gear/spin type bike to maximise income potential

Extra Value! Fast and Authenticated Certificates - Certificates issued within 1 day of completion and with unique web authentication for added security

Backed by External Accreditation - Essentials Plus is currently the top choice for UK and US fitpros and is accredited by NASM and AFAA. (Optional progession to CIMSPA accredited Pro level available later if desired.)

Extra Security! Start ahead and stay ahead - Ongoing support and promotional package, to help you succeed and shine on your instructor journey* 

Extra Bonus! Personal feedback - As well as unmatched personal support, BOOK NOW and also get personal marking and individual feedback from Debbie on submission of your online assessment. 

Teach with integrity - We have spent 20 years going above and beyond, so you can be 100% confident you have everything you need to know to be a safe, effective and respected instructor when you train with us!

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About your trainer and this training

Debbie Kneale came into the fitness industry after overcoming a grim health prognosis that she could be in a wheelchair by 30. 

Instead of accepting that, Debbie set about finding a way to create a different outcome and the knowledge and skills learned and her passion for sharing them led her to become an international fitness presenter and coach.  

Falling in love with indoor cycling on first ride, Debbie soon realised instuctors and indoor cycling deserved more than what was available in terms of training to teach it. 

So the course was born!

At inception, this course was developed to raise standards, with more content, higher assessment standards and better support than others. 

Based on 20 years 'Excellent' feedback from new and experienced instructors alike, it remains so today!

Debbie's passion and mission continues and since 2009 she has been a pioneer of online learning with a difference.

Giving instructors worldwide the opportinity to train with a top presenter in person, via a combination of quality online content and direct support and feedback from Debbie in person.

This year Debbie is celebrating 20 years evolving the training, launching and progressing the lives and careers of indoor cycling instructors worldwide.

And thankfully, no wheelchair in sight :-)

* Free for first year then just £35/$46 per year via DD, or may remain free with instructor rewards See full package benefits here